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Composite filling For years, dentists have been using amalgams (silver fillings) to restore decayed teeth.  An important disadvantage of amalgams is that new amalgam does not bond very well to old amalgam.  Therefore, when part of the seal of an old amalgam starts to leak allowing plaque to penetrate the tooth, the entire old amalgam then has to be removed and replaced.  Removing the entire amalgam will also lead to more tooth structure being removed in the process.  The more times an amalgam gets replaced, the deeper and larger the new amalgam will be.  This raises the likelihood of the tooth eventually needing a crown, or even a root canal if the fragile nerve inside the tooth starts to get damaged.  Composite filling material not only has the advantage of tooth colored esthetics, but it also possesses the ability to bond to itself very well.  If part of the seal of a composite starts to break down, a dentist only needs to repair the leaky seal with new composite without having to take the entire old filling out.  This allows for the preservation of  more original tooth structure, saving you time and money in the long run. CLOSE +